We empower
small retail to
do BIG things
XpressRun is on a mission to empower local economies around the globe.
Who we are
We believe it is possible to offer same day delivery to your customers at an affordable price. Same day delivery should not be complicated and Xpressrun aims to make your customer shopping experience more efficient than ever for small e-commerce businesses.
At Xpressrun our mission is to impact local businesses and provide better services to customers. We believe that the future in the e-commerce industry will require us to empower our communities now. We believe that businesses should make it a priority to pour back into the community that helped them thrive. Our model allows us to grow and develop at a rapid pace giving us the power to reach more people.
Xpressrun employs powerful digital tools that allow us to offer the best shopping experience possible. By making it easier for customers to get what they want when they want, we provide better customer satisfaction rates and therefore improve customer loyalty.
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Building a global logistics network
XpressRun connects Last-Mile delivery companies and local e-commerce
businesses around the globe.