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Every day, millions of delivery requests are made online, with a large sum of the requests aiming for ultra-fast and seamless delivery services. To meet these demands, complex logistics infrastructures are required and smaller E-commerce businesses are struggling to put this in place.

At XpressRun, we believe the solution to the last-mile logistics problem already exists, which is why we leverage existing solutions and redesign them to fit the realities of smaller E-commerce or Direct to Consumer (DTC) brands.

What we provide

XpressRun provides the best same-day delivery experience at ground-shipping rates while giving brands end to end ownership of the delivery process (with customizable brand identity & data).

A team of experts
XpressRun is led by a team of dedicated experts in E-commerce enabling tech, logistics and enterprise sales.
Simple API
With our simple to integrate API, you can easily create an account, customise your delivery process and meet same-day deliveries on XpressRun.
Customer satisfactaction
With XpressRun last-mile delivery services, you get to keep your customers happy by giving them what they want when they want it.
A way to save
Our in-store fulfillment for Same-Day deliveries enables our DTC partners save thousands of dollars per month.

Our mission

Our goal is to impact local businesses and provide better services to customers. Our belief is that by empowering our communities with easy access to on-demand delivery services, we are leveling the playing field for smaller DTC brands and securing the future of e-commerce.

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